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Welcome To ArpanWorld

Welcome to ArpanWorld. It’s your very own free Educational App – Where learning is fun through Animations, videos and online tests!!

At ArpanWorld we believe that everyone has a right to education. So download this app – it’s yours for free!

It’s easy, unique and fun!

So let’s get started....

Har bacche ka vikas... ArpanWorld ke Saath!

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Online Learning

Free Online learning makes it easy for the students to learn at anytime without travelling to a designated place thereby avoiding travel time as well as learn things at their own convenience.

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Video Learning

Introducing video learning for students, making it a great experience to learn and understand things in a quick and more relevant manner.

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Online Test/ Mock Test

This free online mock test will help you determine your understanding and increase your knowledge of the subject.

E - Learning Demo Videos (Video Learning)

We have amazing video demonstrations on different subjects. This free video learning for students,
makes it easy and simple for you to understand and learn things faster.


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Free Online Tests

This mock test for students, will help them determine their understanding and increase their knowledge of each subject.

Below is a sample Online Test.

App Info

This online Educational App mainly for students from rural area's, who cannot go to school. This app is a free medium to learn more just like you learn in a school.

Download this app now and educate yourself in a unique way.

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Reach out to us on the below contact for any information required.

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