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How Is Artificial Intelligence Used In Education Technology

August 30, 2019
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     Artificial Intelligence is that part of computer science which emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines equivalent to human beings. Some of the activities which AI can perform are Speech Recognition, Learning, Planning and Problem Solving, amongst ones.

     AI is a part of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines. It has become a necessary part of the technology, industry. Research pertaining with Artificial Intelligence is highly technical, sophisticated and special. Artificial Intelligence include programming computers for certain traits as Knowledge, Reasoning, Problem Solving, Perception, Learning, Planning, Ability to manipulate and move objects. Although Artificial Intelligence is a part of our normal lives.

     AI has become a crucial part of our normal lives. Today we are surrounded by their technology right from automatic parking system to hiring a personal assistant. In the same manner AI is also important in the field of education. There is a drastic change in the field of education since Artificial Intelligence has stepped into it. The conventional methods of education are now becoming highly modern and machine - based.

     The field of Academics is more convenient, easier and becoming personal due to various applications of Artificial Intelligence. Due to AI the learning system has been changed since it is easily accessible through computers and other mobile devices. Today, if you have an internet connection at home or wherever you are in any nook or corner you can avail of this facility. There is no need to attend classes physically. The information and other details are made available to you at your fingertips. Artificial Intelligence consumes less time to function difficult tasks and so teachers get more time to devote to their students.

The Radical changes brought about by AI in the field of education.

1) Simplification of Administrative Tasks: an ample amount of time is spent on gradation of exams, assessing homework and providing valuable responses to the students by their teachers. But, now technology like AI has taken over. AI can upgrade multiple tasks. This Artificial Intelligence has helped the students in writing better answers and creative essays.

2) Smart Content: This refers to the substantial matter of the topic. This includes virtual content, video, conferencing, video lectures, digitized textbooks, customized textbooks for certain subjects, flashcards, practical tests etc. All these techniques of learning help the students for a successful academic life. It not only helps the students to learn the lesson but also to remember it for a long run.

3) Personalized Learning: In this learning technique, the same technology is being utilized in how students are taught at schools. Introduction to AI has not necessarily replaced the teachers, but they are in a position to perform better. AI ensures students to do their best and achieve best right from their assignments to the final exams results. There is one - to one correspondence among the teachers and the students.

4) Global Learning: The aim of education is to reach each and every corner of our society. Education is limitless. It has no boundaries. Due to transitions in technology various changes have taken place everywhere in the world. Today no corner of this planet is inaccessible to internet. With more inventions and more exploring ideas students can achieve everything.

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